Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Webster's Pages Personal Planner

One of my New Year resolutions has been to get more organised so I thought I would take the plunge and splash out on a Personal Planner. I stumbled across this blue delight on amazon. Webber's pages on Amazon and I have to say it is AMAZING!

It comes beautifully presented in its own beautiful box and the quality of the planner is stunning. The paper is really good quality and it is full of uplifting quotes and inspiring pictures. The outside cover isn't leather but it feels buttery, smooth and luxurious. The rings are tight and allow for your planner to be filled and personalised, the clasp allows for you to add more inserts however it does already come with an array of helpful taps and sections.

I really cannot get over how beautiful the illustrations and images are. There are 5 taps included - write it down, memory keeping, lists to love, staying inspired and calendar.

Write it down-This section includes the headings thoughts, ideas and dreams.
Memory Keeping- This is were you record 'a day in the life of' for each month, there is also space to draw/stick a picture or images and write down memorable quotes of memories for each month.
Lists to love- Who doesn't love a list? This section invites you to record all you 'to dos' and offers space to record dreams/ambitions, monthly goals and plans. There is also space to record weekly menus and shopping lists.
Staying inspired - This is probably my favourite sections (but most likely the least useful section. ) This section provides lots of amazingly beautiful and uplifting prints and quotes such as"you can do anything" "Dream Big" and "Enjoy every moment" - I love it!
Calendar- Not one but two calendars! one smaller calendar with space for small notes and plans and a weekly planner to add more detailed plans. The boxes are great for a personal size planner.  The weekly layout also has plenty of space for planning as well as a very crisp and clean appearance

The tabs are bright and cheerful with positive affirmations, there are so many wonderful prompts to stay motivated and creative in this planner. There are so many cute features which will appeal to all.
I adore this planner and really think it is worth the month. It's so flexible, with the help of a few coloured pens I use it to plan and organise both my work and personal life.

I choose a bright blue colour but it comes in a whole range of colours to fit your style, I am completely in love with this planner and couldn't recommend it enough.

Do you use a planner to help you keep organised? What do you use?
I'd love to hear about it

Chloe XxX



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