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Illamasqua - a mini review


 Illamasqua mini haul


Illamasqua is a fairly new make up range for me, I first discovered it when I had my wedding make-up trail and since then I have been using their brow and lash gel to keep my unruly eyebrows in shape.

I  love their eyebrow gel so I thought I would give some of their other products a try.

Empower Palette
Whilst gazing longingly around Illamasqua's London shop my eyes were immediately drawn to their Empower Palette. I am a total magpie and was instantly drawn to these glittery colours.

Colours ( clockwise from top left) Blink, Synth, Slick, Fervent

The powder is silky and glides on easily. Synth, Slick and Fervent all have a lovely iridescent shimmer.  

Blink- This is quite a neutral colour, it's a lovely shade of Tuscan beige and complements the other stronger colours in this palette. It has a lovely matte finish and blends really well.
Synth - A beautiful light, shimmery colour ( this really reminds me of Bobby Brown's Ballerina) I love this pink however the colour does somewhat disappear when you apply so you do need to apply a lot!
Slick - I LOVE this colour, it's a cool metallic grey colour. Great for smoky eyes.
Fervent- Another great colour, a glittery dark brown with a hint of gold. It really lives up to it's name- Fervent: displaying a passionate intensity ( yes, I had to look up the meaning)
I love how all the colours in this palette work together, Blink and Synth are great day time shades.Whereas Fervent and Slick are made for the night, all colours blend and work well together and this small palette offers a lot of different looks.

Intense lipgloss
The first thing I love about these glosses is they fact they smell AMAZING! Just like strawberries! (they also taste quite nice) secondly I love the intensity of colour they offer.
Touch - I feel like it's my life's mission to find the perfect red lipstick/ lipgloss and this one came soo close! The colour is epic, I love the ferocity of red and the intense glistening. The colour is just perfect the only thing which lets this lipgloss down is its wearability. Sadly when road-tested, this perfect shade of red let me down a little. It's one of those lipglosses that does not want to stay put ( and ends up on my costa cup, teeth, sandwich and everywhere else apart from my lips.)
Belladonna - a fab shade of fuchsia, its bright, fun and super cute. Just like touch it smells and tastes amazing, however is also shares its sister's problem of not wanted to stick around. It's such a shame as I love the colour, it just doesn't seem to last 5 minutes.
Next up I tried the slick stick eye liner in black, it's an intense shade of black and unlike its lipgloss cousins it is seriously hard wearing. The only issue I initially had was getting it to work! That pencil did not want to work, so much so I accidently ended up breaking it. Luckily you twist the bottom and a little more pencil pops up.
So there's my mini review of my Illamasqua products, let me know what you think. Do you use Illamasqua? What products have you tried?
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