Sunday, 10 January 2016

January bargins

I always try to resist shopping in January, Christmas takes it toll on my bank account so I try to hold on to my few remaining pennies in the New Year however Matt and I had a few Christmas presents to swap so we ended up braving the January sales.

I bought Matt a (what I thought was) lovely, stylish blue Hugo Boss wallet for Christmas, however Matt wasn't so taken with it so we headed to John Lewis to swap it. Matt choose a brown leather Hugo Boss wallet, we headed over to the tills to exchange the wallets, I was expecting to pay a little more however the cashier handed me a £50 John Lewis vouchers- apparently the wallet he had chosen was in the sale! Amazing!

Next we headed to Warehouse were I spotted this gorgeous metallic gold dress. It looks great, I love the contrasting black bow which really pulls my waist in plus it has pockets which are great because I never know where to put my hands. I thought it would be great for the Christmas/New year season ( only another 11 months to go.) This Jacquard Prom dress was originally £70 but £40 in the sale.

Warehouse Gold Dress

We refuelled in Byron's and both opted for the seasonal Father Cheesemas. It was epic- soo much cheese! If that wasn't enough I also got a side of Mac and Cheese to feed my post Christmas Cheese withdrawal.

Next it was my turn to swap Christmas pressies, Matt bought we some beautiful new underwear sets in Victoria Secrets, unfortunately they were the wrong size. Whilst I was swapping I noticed a beautiful coral bra in the Sale. 

Finally we headed to the Yankee Candle shop, I love Yankee Candles! The Christmas candles always smell amazing. We picked up 2 large Christmas smells for  £12.50 they were originally   £37.99!

Christmas Eve is my favourite smell in the world, it is amazing. It's sweet and candy like, it reminds we of snow fairy from Lush ( which is also one of my favourite smells.)
Christmas Cookie is lovely too, its sweet and sugary and always makes me very hungry! I thought £12:50 for these two large candles was a fantastic price.

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