Monday, 25 January 2016

Burn's Night dinner party

A few years ago I decided it might be fun to throw a Burn's Night dinner party, whilst I'm not Scottish I never turn down a reason to celebrate. I thought it might be fun to share some photos with you, apologies for the photo quality- I never thought I would be sharing them when I took them!

 First we started with a Scottish smoked salmon and scotch egg salad. I made a dressing from mustard, clementine juice and extra virgin olive oil- it was amazing!

Next up was the star of the show- rare scotch beef, haggis, neeps (swedes) and tatties ( mash potato) 
I bought two haggis ( haggises?) a traditional one and a vegetarian ( I just couldn't face eating a sheep stomach.) I boiled them in their sack and when served they resemble crumbly stuffing, the vegetarian haggis was surprisingly nice ( as was the meat haggis, so I was told.)

Finally we ended our meal with my take on a cranachan, hand whipped cream, meringue, raspberries, flapjacks and shortbread biscuits- it was heaven!

After our scrumptious meal we headed to the pub for a quick tipple.

After returning to the pub I treated myself to a nice cup of tea in my most Scottish mug and a shortbread biscuit ( what else?!) 

Do you celebrate Burn's Night? What's your favourite meal to cook for friends? I'd love to know! 

Chlo XxX


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