Sunday, 31 January 2016

January - a sunday snapshot

Hooray! January is finally over, we survived it! January is always a bit of a bleak month especially after all of the frivolities of Christmas. The Christmas food has been replaced with lettuce, the twinkle lights replaced with a grey dullness and the hope of snow replaced with rain and lots of it!
However it hasn't been all doom and gloom this month, here's what I got up to...

1. It's quite clear from these photos that I haven't quite committed to the lettuce based diet just yet, we indulged in Father Cheesemas burgers at Byron's accompanied with mac and cheese (because you can never have too much cheese!)
2. Finding some January sale bargains at Bluewater. You can find out what I bought by clicking here.
3. We enjoyed an amazing weekend away at Ashdown Park hotel and Spa. We had such a wonderful time, I love cocktails and the cocktails at Ashdown Park were simply delicious. I am a huge vodka fan and they had such a choice of vodka based drinks it was almost impossible to decide which one to try first.  Keep and eye out for my review, which I will post soon.
4. We stumbled across a wonderful tea shop which was entirely Winnie the Pooh themed, I'm a huge Disney fan so I was in my element. We also took a stroll through the 100 acre wood and found Winnie the Pooh's secret home!  If you are ever near by I would highly recommend a visit. You can read about my adventures by clicking here.
5.As a wedding presents a dear friend bought us both National Trust memberships, it's been so much fun getting out and exploring nature. We have managed to visit some great places using our membership and this month we visited Sheffield Park, it was so peaceful wondering around the gardens, looking at all of the huge trees- it reminded us a little of our trip to California. I also couldn't believe that some of the snowdrops were out already!
6. I love getting my nails done, it's fast become my favourite monthly treat. My nail technician is amazing, there is nothing she cannot do!
7. I am terrible with hairstyles, usually my hair is found in two styles (and I use the term 'style' loosely) either down (with help from my GHDs) or up in a (not very good) ponytail. A few weeks ago a few friends and I got together with a hairdresser to learn a few different styles of plaits. This is the waterfall plait she showed us - I love it, all I have to do now is remember what do it!
8. My friend and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea at Mrs Sailsbury's famous tea rooms in Maldon, it was fabulous, the food was wonderful and it was down such a pretty side street called Bright's Path. I promise I will share photos of it soon.
9.We booked our summer holiday!!! I am so excited, we are going to Canada for 10 days then cruising around Alaska for a week with Disney! I really can't wait and as it will be cold in Alaska I need to start my holiday shopping now- Yipee! Do you have any recommendations for places to see in West Canada? I would really love to hear your suggestions.
What has been the highlight of your January?
I would love to know, leave me a comment below!
Love Chlo XxX 

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