Sunday, 7 February 2016

Opening the lid on the Lots of Love Box by LUSH

After missing out in the LUSH sale I thought I would give myself a little huge treat and splash out on the LUSH "Lots of Love" box. I was so excited when out postman delivered this giant LUSH box, inside this I found....


...another box! Here's what I found inside the heart shaped box.

The smell was amazing, it hit me as soon as I opened the lid. The LUSH Lots of Love Valentine's Gift Box is priced at £27.95 and contains 6 fab valentines inspired bath bombs/ bubble bars. LUSH call their products 'seductively soothing' and perfect for preparing for a date or sharing a bath. According to LUSH "if there was ever a good reason to get naked, it's right here in this box." (Saucy!)

1. Lover Lamp
I love the name of this bath bomb and it smells great too, LUSH describes it as a heavenly moisturising bath bomb with Fair Trade organic coco butter hearts, Brazilian orange oil and Fair Trade absolute (is it just me or does this sound a bit like an awesome vodka based cocktail?)
I really love the fact its made from Fair Trade products and those organic coco butter hearts did a great job of making my skin feel moisturised and smooth. Just be careful when getting out of the bath as they also made everything a bit slippery.
2. Sex Bomb
Does the name of this bath bomb remind anyone else of that Tom Jones song? Once again LUSH have created an amazingly fragrant bath bomb, it has a heavenly blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage which help to ease away stress and anxiety.
3.A French Kiss
Bubble bars are my one of favourite LUSH products, I just love how bubbly they turn each bath and this one is no exception. It has a delicious lavender scent and evokes memories of Paris. I also adore the shape which reminds me of Hersey Kisses ( I love those!) This bubble bath contains fresh rosemary, lavender and extra virgin coconut oil and I left my bath feeling completely relaxed and calm.

4.Rose Jam
Described as a Bubbleroon, it almost makes me want to take a bite. I completely missed out on stocking up on Rose Jam during December so I was thrilled to see it was included in the Lots of Love box. The smell is sweet, up-lifting and floral, it combines lemon, rose and geranium oil to create a truly mood enhancing fragrance. So it smells fab, looks fab and creates a mountain of bubbles- what more could you ask for?

5.Unicorn Bar
It's soooo shimmery! I adore anything related to unicorns and this bubble bar is truly a thing of beauty. Its appearance is magical, combining the perfect amount of rainbow with pearlescent shimmer and its smell is intoxicating, with lavender and neroli oil- apparently these are meant to help increase serotonin levels in the brain to make us feel content, cheery and generally in more happy state of mind! This bubble bar  is truly magical!

6.Tisty Tosty
The Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb has been one of my favourites for many years, I just love everything about it from the smell to the army of rosebuds and petals which spring from it. LUSH describe their Tissty Tosty Bath Bomb as being an enchanting love potion based on a medieval love potion! It is the perfect concoction of rose absolute, precious orris root and rosebuds.

Have you used any of these LUSH products before? What's your favourite LUSH product? What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? I would love to know!
Love Chlo XxX

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